Penguin Family

Penguin Family

Penguin Family is a cute arcade game in which you must help the penguins
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Penguin Family is a simple but cute arcade game that can be downloaded or even played online. The gameplay is really simple. Your job is to help the penguins get to the opposite shore in the allotted time. To move them, you click on the penguins and then you have to click on the ice to get to the other shore. Beware that the ice block only moves when there are penguins sitting on it, and that it only holds two penguins at most. Also note that small penguins will be scared and will fly away if their parent is not there and there are other adults penguins with him. With all these tips, you should think of the best strategy (better to say, the only strategy) to move all the penguins to the other shore.
Unfortunately, the game only includes one level and it is really simple to pass. The faster you complete the game, the more points you score, and your result can be directly published on multiple social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace to compare your score with your friends'.
You can also customize sound and music volume from the options menu, as well as choose to play in full-screen.
All in all, Penguin Family is a cute game, but very short. And I think it is only intended for kids, since adults will find the solution pretty quickly.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Cute graphics and theme
  • Easy for kids
  • The results can be published on you multiple social sites
  • Free


  • Only one level
  • Very short and simple
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